Poulan Pro PR621 21-Inch 208cc LCT Gas Powered Single Stage Snow Thrower Review

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The Poulan Pro PR621 21-Inch 208cc LCT gas powered single stage snow thrower is indeed a unique product with lots of wonderful features. It’s very good at clearing snows and it’s also very easy to handle. It’s very portable and maneuverable. You don’t need to strain your muscle when you make use of it in clearing snows off your drive way or side walk.  Oftentimes snow debris can block your drive paths and your environs. You may use ordinary shovel to clear them off but you’re sure to suffer waist pain and muscle strain. To avoid such problems, you need to go for the Stage Snow Thrower. Click here to buy from Amazon and get 23% discount with free shipping Now!

The gas powered Poulan pro snow thrower comes with a manual remote deflector together with 2-inch wheels for easy operation.  The Poulan snow thrower has a powerful Gas powered engine which makes it to be very effective all the time. All you need is to make sure the gas is always available in the 21 inch snow blower.  It also has a 21 inch clearing with capacity and a 13-inch intake height. The device also has 8-inch diameter auger and impeller with 7-inch x 2-inch wheels.  It’s indeed a very unique machine that can serve you a lot.

Poulan Pro PR621 Gas Snow Thrower Features & Specifications

  • 208cc LCT 4 cycle gas powered engine
  • 21-inch clearing width, 13-Inch intake height
  • 8-inch diameter auger/impeller
  • 7-inch x 2-inch wheels
  • Non-CARB Compliant/Not for sale in California

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There are lots of benefits you stand to gain when you go for the machine. It’s known to be very durable since it runs on gas. The Poulan pro single stage gas blower also very easy to clean and maintain. It’s serviceable especially when it develops a minor fault.  When it comes to snow clearing, the machine is known to be very easy-to-use. You don’t need to crack your brain in order to use it.  Any person can use the device at any time without encountering pains. The poulan pro pr621 comes with owner’s manual for your usage.

As at the moment, the Gas Powered Stage Snow thrower is making waves in the market. Several customers have bought and used it.  Many of the customers also reviewed the product in various online shopping malls.

Poulan Pro Snow Thrower Review

Currently, the Poulan Pro PR621 snow thrower has attracted 78 reviews from Amazon. The reviewers were mainly people who bought the device from Amazon and have also used it. Currently the product has 4.0 out of 5 stars. Click here to read more reviews on Amazon.

Most of the reviewers were very positive in their comments about the machine. One reviewer says it’s a great device for snow throwing.  Another reviewer also called it a bang for the buck.  Many other reviewers enjoyed the special features of the device.  One of the reviewers said the machine is simply the best he has ever used. Another reviewer called it an excellent machine for completing snow clearing jobs.

In any case, there are few negative comments concerning the product.  One reviewer says the machine has horrible quality control.  This negative comment may be as a result of wrong usage by the customer.

Apart from this minor negative comment, the Poulan Pro PR621 21-Inch 208cc LCT Gas Powered Single Stage Snow Thrower still remains a unique machine you can always use for clearing snows.  It’s readily available for grabs online.

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Customer Reviews

Desert man November 18th, 2011 (#)

Research I had done on this snow blower was positive. When I read a review saying it started on the first pull, I thought that was a fluke. When I went to start mine, it didn’t start on the first pull! It took two.

Living in the desert part of Washington state, we rarely get large amounts of snow. I have used it twice so far in the 6 weeks I have had it and it has handled 4″ and 6″ of snow comfortably. It even did fine on a very wet snow which was almost slush.

The fact the engine compartment is sealed was a selling point for me. I wouldn’t recommend for snow more than 6″ deep, but for my area I would give a thumbs up.

Lee Waller December 2nd, 2011 (#)

My Poulon Snow Blower was delivered with no damage and easy set up instructions. Took me less than 15 minutes to set up.

Added oil (heavy oil was provided) and gas, primed it 3 times as instructed and it started on the first pull. Never had anything go so easy.

Now I am just waiting on the first big Snow for DC and I am ready!!

Mossman January 11th, 2012 (#)

I love this snow thrower! I’ve searched for a snow thrower for months looking for the best bang for my buck and I found it. I only paid $365 for this blower through Amazon and haven’t seen it cheaper anywhere.

This is the most powerful single stage blower out there and will eat up the snow and spit it out with minimal effort. The tip of the rubber blade touches the pavement and propels the blower without any effort.

I’ve only used the blower 10 times but it’s been 13 degrees out and following the starting instructions it starts on the first pull. The only negative thing I can say about the blower is that the blade turns so fast that you have to periodically check the bolts for tightness (as advised in the manual).

B. Moore February 8th, 2012 (#)

I bought this a couple days after the Dec 26th Blizzard. I am a recent transplant to the NJ shore from Texas, so this storm was a bit of a reality check. All the home improvement stores are sold out of all their blowers right now with the exception of the most expensive models from the worst brands.

I wisely parked my car at the end of the drive and my wife parked in the garage before the storm. Clearing my car out with a shovel wasn’t too bad but my back hurt bad enough to curse everyone who told me I really didn’t need a blower when it was sunny. I was really torn between 2 stage and single – based on my property and typical snow fall single stage made sense even though I needed this thing to tackle a bigger job right now.

Ok so to this Poulan thing. I can’t say enough good things about having a amazon prime account and only having to pay $3.99 to have this overnighted.

So I open the box – the oil dip stick is loose and oil is smeared on the side of it. It’s not a ton of oil maybe an ounce – but still something stupid. Oh but wait there is another stupid mistake – they have a pint of 30 weight lawnmower oil in the box. Now this is great for a lawnmower in the summer time but I am not blowing snow when its 50 – 90 degrees out – So Grab a Quart of 5-30 to have on hand.

Assembly is a breeze and should take no more than ten minutes for most folks and you don’t need anything more than an adjustable wrench. I primed it twice and it started right up.

My initial task was to clear a 40 yard long (car width) path to my garage that ranged in depth from 5 feet to 30 inches of a hard packed snow (4 days after the storm). This is asking a lot from this little machine and required that I break the path down with a shovel and feed the machine at a decent height of about a foot. I averaged about 10 yards an hour. Our driveway is too tight between houses to plow and would have been almost impossible to just shovel. I am very happy with this purchase.

For the record – I would never want a less powerful blower. This throws soft snow 40-50 feet easily and throws ice and slush a good distance too. My initial task for this thing was absurd, but it served me well. It will plow through 8-10 inches of powder like butter. I am certain if I stay on top of snow storms and clear before the snow before it gets too deep and hard – I have much easier work ahead.

Negatives – Poulan is part of the Weed Eater / McCulloch consumer product family of Husqvarna – customer service is suspect based on my research. There is a McCulloch model almost identical to this in specs and price. I had a hard time removing the gas cap – and the tank rattles around a bit.

I have read reviews of ill fitting or missing parts – including the wrong oil for the engine does not inspire confidence in quality control. Amazon has a different return policy on this than other products. Although subjective, I do feel its a risk with this product which is why I am giving it 4 stars.

Pro’s – most HP bang for your buck. I have not had any real negative issues in my experience . Hopefully it just keeps on trucking.

The only other thing I would add is I would opt for this model over the one with electric start. The electric start option requires an extension cord to be connected to the unit. The effort to pull start this thing was minimal.

SCSSTEVE February 25th, 2012 (#)

Ordered this Thursday and had it Friday. Got to love Amazon Prime next day shipping a 90 lb large box for $3.99.

The box arrived in good condition and unlike some of the previous reviewers, the snowblower did not have any oil residue upon pulling it from the box. It came with the proper oil for cold weather operation, not the 30 weight lawnmower oil seen by others.

It was very easy to install the chute, which doesn’t seem overly flimsy. Added gas, primed twice, and started first pull. Ran strong with no issues at all.

All in all a much nicer machine than my previous blower which I paid $100 more for. Looks like this is a steal at $349… Very happy so far, but will update if I run into issues this winter.

Dave From Illinois March 7th, 2012 (#)

Before buying this, I used to dread clearing the snow from the driveway and curbside. Now it’s a breeze 🙂
I’ve used this for 2 days now and am very happy with it. If that changes in the future, I will update this review.

Not bad, considering other snowblowers cost considerably more. To pay less would be to settle for inferior design. I’ve done plenty of research.

Does a fine job of clearing the snow.
Very easy setup right out of the box.

Snow chute needs a better design; it isn’t completely stable in heavy winds, and is difficult to adjust the vertical projection during operation. Not a huge deal.

Other notes:
Mine didn’t suffer from the problems others have had in the past (oil spillage in package, etc.).

Don’t expect this to push a ton of snow in a single pass; it will kick a lot of it back at your feet (which will, in turn, be easier to throw during the next pass).

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