Snow Joe SJ620 18-Inch 13.5-Amp Electric Snow Thrower Review

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The Snow Joe SJ620 18-Inch 13.5-Amp Electric Snow Thrower will put an end to your need for a snow shovel. It will clear a path 18 inches wide in a blanket of snow on your driveway or sidewalk up to 10 inches. Its 13.5 Amp electric motor generates enough power to turn the blades and remove up to 650 pounds of snow per minute. The lever controlled snow chute directs the snow away from the path of the machine to prevent it from piling up in front of you.

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If you live in an area that is prone to heavy snowfall, you know the benefit of having a snow thrower. When that first heavy snowfall lands on your driveway and side you don’t want to have to spend hours clearing the snow with a shovel. That is where the Snow Joe SJ620 Snow Thrower comes in really handy. It will reduce the time it takes to clear away up to 10 inches of snow way down to about 30 minutes, depending on the length of the driveway.

Snow Joe SJ620 Electric Snow Thrower Features & Specifications

  • Incredibly easy to use and maintain
  • 13.5 amp motor moves up to 650 pounds of snow per minute
  • Cuts up to 18-inch wide and 10-inch deep in one pass
  • 180-degree adjustable chute
  • 5 steel blade rotor throws snow up to 20 feet

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Its 13.5-Amp electric motor has enough power to throw 650 pounds of snow per minute. The snow joe electric snow thrower can throw snow up to 20 feet in any direction you chose. By using the single handle you can adjust the 180 degree adjustable chute to keep the snow from piling up in front of you.

The SJ620 snow thrower clears a 18 inch wide path using the five rotating blades to blow through up to 10 inches of snow with little trouble. To make it easy to operate, it has a cord locking mechanism to keep the cord from getting in front of the machine. There two wheels mounted in the back to make it easier to push it forward down the driveway.

A few extra notes about the Snow Joe SJ620; it is very ecofriendly because it does not require gas to operate it. The snow joe snow blower has a single start button and does not require you to pull a long cord to get it started like the gas powered machines do.

Snow Joe SJ620 Review

During our research online for the Snow Joe SJ620 18-Inch 13.5-Amp Electric Snow Thrower we found 225 consumer reviews posted online. From these reviews it received an average rating of 4.5 stars out of a possible 5.0 stars. The majority of the comments that were posted on the reviews were very positive. However, not all of the comments were positive in nature. Many of the reviewers really liked fact that it had plenty of power and was able to remove a lot of snow. It was really easy to assemble out of the box according to several reviewers. The fact that there is no maintenance work required like you have with gas powered snow throwers. Click here to read more reviews on Amazon.

One reviewer reported that it did not last very long before it stopped working. Another reviewer pointed out that there were repair parts were not available due to it being a very new machine.

After completing our research of the Snow Joe SJ620 18-Inch 13.5-Amp Electric Snow Thrower we discovered that the overwhelming majority of the reviewers rated it very high and left many positive comments. We would definitely recommend this to everyone.

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Customer Reviews

DS123 November 21st, 2011 (#)

Ordered unit. Received it in less than 2 full days. It is designed well and appears to be well constructed (solid with no flimsy components). I unboxed it. Assembled it within minutes (no instructions or tools needed).

Took it out in the garage, plugged it up, and tested it. Starts up flawlessly. Runs relatively quiet (much quieter than anything gas). We haven’t had any snow yet this year. So I couldn’t test it on actual snow, but it is ready to go!

I originally saw it at a discount retail store advertised for $199. But they were sold out in all of the stores in our area within 4 days when I got there. So I went online and found them for sale here on Amazon.

It comes with a 2 year warranty. So I don’t see how you can beat it if you live in an area that get’s a good amount of snow in the winter (where it can snow more than 6 inches of snow in 1 storm)! This one will move up to 10 inches in 1 pass… and other reviews say it can do that,although you may have to back up and go forward again occasionally).

Balaji December 3rd, 2011 (#)

I have been clearing snow on my 80′ x 20′ driveway with a shovel for the past 15 years. This year, I decided to take the plunge and invest in a snowblower so that I can clear my driveway quicker than I could with the shovel. This snow blower is one of the cheapest blowers on the market with good reviews. I decided to take a risk and get it to see what others were raving about.

The blower came well-packaged. The instruction booklet is quite detailed (and there are separate booklets in English, Spanish and French, so you can throw away one of two of them and be left with one light booklet instead of hanging on to a heavy booklet that has instructions in all three languages), and putting the blower together was a snap. All you have to do is straighten out the handle and tighten the bolts. Took all of about 10 minutes. The tough part was waiting for the first real snowfall I could use it on!

Before I used the snow blower for the first time, I applied silicone lubricant to the parts of it that would come in contact with the snow. This included the inside of the chute. This is to prevent snow from sticking to these surfaces. I had good luck with liquid wrench silicone lubricant.

Finally, almost 3 weeks after I bought the machine, we had enough snow for me to consider using the snowblower. Yesterday night, I took it out to the driveway for the first time. I must say I am very impressed with how it did. There were about 3 to 4 inches of light powdery snow on top of a frozen-over crust. This snow blower easily took care of the snow on top. It was quite powerful and threw the snow in a steady stream. I would say the throwing distance was easily 20 to 30 feet. I had to be careful taking care of the snow right next to the garage because the stream of snow flying out of the chute seemed capable of denting garage doors and breaking glass if I was not careful!

The hard crust stuck to the driveway was a little more difficult to deal with. Because the blower is quite light, it relies on the operator to press down it so that the lip can break up the crust and blow it away. That takes quite a bit of effort, and I decided it was not worth it.

If you use this machine regularly so that the hard crust never forms in the first place (this crust was left over from the last time I had cleared the snow of my driveway with my shovel, before I bought this snowblower), you should not have any problems getting a totally clean driveway with this blower.

The blower also handled the wet mushy heavy stuff at the end of the driveway left there by the street plows. Usually, it takes me a while to shovel this stuff off my driveway because it is mostly ice and water, and is very heavy. But the snowjoe had no problem sending the stuff flying without any prepwork on my part.

Based on what it did to the snow, I would say that this blower can easily handle up to 8 or 10 inches of snow, and probably not get stressed out even if the stuff is somewhat wetter and heavier than the snow I took care of yesterday. With the heavier, wetter stuff, the throwing distance might be more modest, but it should still be enough to clear the driveway edges easily.

The machine is practically no-maintenance. You might have to oil the crank for the chute occasionally and apply silicone lubricant to the blades and inside of the chute every now and then to keep them from clogging with sticky snow. But otherwise, I don’t have to worry about gas, oil, spark plugs and all the other things that owners of gas-powered snowblowers have to worry about.

And I don’t have to wrench my shoulder out of its socket pulling on a cord trying to get this thing to start when it is 10 below zero either! It took me longer to untangle my 100 foot cord before I started throwing snow and then wind the cord back up on its spool when I was done, than it took to actually clear my driveway of snow!

Things to keep in mind if you do get this machine: oil the part where the chute connects with the body so that you can turn the chute easily with the handle. Apply a water-repellent coating to the parts of the snowblower likely to come in contact with snow, including the insides of the chute (a good silicone-based lubricant does the job perfectly).

Get a 12-gauge extension cord (you can use 14-gauge if you use only a 50′ extension cord, but given the length of my driveway, I needed a 100′ cord, and only a 12-gauge can be used with this snowblower because it needs 13.5 amps), preferably one designed for low temperatures.

When using the machine, make sure you push down on it so that it clears snow all the way to the ground. Because the machine is light, if you don’t push down, the lip tends to ride up on the snow and leave a layer of snow next to the ground untouched. Keep track of the chute direction and be prepared to crank on the handle to have it pointing in the direction you want. After blowing through some heavy stuff, the chute tends to turn from either side and ends up pointing straight ahead.

Make sure you follow a pattern of snowthrowing that will keep the cord out of the way of the blower. I did passes up and down the length of the driveway, starting from the side of the driveway closest to the electrical outlet and ending up at the opposite side when I was all done. Others have good luck clearing from side to side starting from the garage and moving gradually towards the street. I used a low-temperature cord that was easy to manipulate since such cords tend to remain flexible in sub-freezing temperatures instead of becoming stiff and hard.

The main problems I see with the machine are that except for the four blades (and hopefully, the motor windings!), pretty much the entire machine is made of plastic. Even the pulleys over which the belt passes to transfer power from the motor to the blades are made of plastic. So, make sure you don’t abuse the machine or use it on snow mixed with rocks and other hard debris that can damage the blade housing of the snowblower. The use of plastic also makes the machine very light (less than 40 lbs fully assembled), which can make it tricky to clear snow down to the ground. Also the wheels are tiny, so maneuvering this machine can be tricky.

Overall, this is an excellent snowblower for light to moderate amounts of snow. If you have the right cord for it so that you can supply the power the machine requires for optimal operation, you should have no problems with this machine.

My only concern is the longevity of this machine given the use of plastic everywhere. But plastic can be quite strong while being flexible at the same time, so I will reserve judgment on that aspect of it until I have had a chance to use it more extensively. If you have any questions, go ahead and shoot. I will monitor the review for comments and try to answer any questions as best as I can.

kteacher January 13th, 2012 (#)

This is a great little snow blower! Bought it after reading several reviews from different sites and decided to try it. I am very glad I did. Amazon has one of the best prices on it and got it in 3 days!

I was worried that it wouldn’t cut thru the snow very well but others had said in their review they had no problems. Well it arrived today in the midst of another snow storm. It had already snowed 7 inches when it arrived!

Got it out of the box and its super easy to put together…even your grandma could do it;)! Took it out and it cut thru the snow like it was butter! I even used it in some of the hard packed areas that had been shoveled and piled the last week and it handled it great!

I love not having to worry about the maintenance of a gas snow blower…you do have to get used to having the cord on there….but wasn’t bad at all.

I wouldn’t hesitate to get this snow blower. WAY Better than shoveling! This is only Nov 30th and we’ve gotten 25 inches of snow already! Great Purchase!

kteacher January 25th, 2012 (#)

Purchased this item in October and had the first opportunity to use it this weekend. Hadn’t had any snow until this past Saturday. Only gave it four stars because we had problems removing the snow that had sleet and freezing rain on top of it and had been walked on.

It worked well on areas that had not been walked on and trampled down. We are a corner property and are near a shopping area. Still worked a WHOLE lot better than plain shovels. My husband is 63 and I am 59.

Would recommend this product. Also purchased the long outdoor cord that Amazon sells and had no problems.

L. Webb February 20th, 2012 (#)

Our old gas powered snow blower was being it’s usual cantankerous self after summer storage. We couldn’t get it to start and didn’t want to incur any further expense with it so I ordered this little electric unit. Quck delivery (2days).

Man, my skepticism vanished after the first use. It was easy to assemble and get going. It tackled the first 8 inch snowfall with absolutely no problems, even with the snow being a fairly heavy wet snow, but this thing blasted right through it!

It’s light in weight and easily maneuverable. AND QUIET! which the neighbors appreciate on those early mornings. I just finished clearing 5 inches of light powdery snow this morning with the same result.

The only thing is power cord management, but you get used to it. It is ideal for a typical suburban driveway and walks. No gas, fumes or hassle.

I do wish I had ordered the unit with the headlight, however,I just didn’t know about it being available when I placed my order. Terrific product.

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