Yard Machines 31C-040-800 Snow Fox 12.5-Inch 8.5 Amp Electric Snow Thrower Review

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The Yard Machines 31C-040-800 Snow Fox 12.5-Inch 8.5 Amp Electric Snow Thrower is a very unique machine that carries out lots of special snow throwing tasks.  It’s a nice machine you can use to clear snow off from patios, driveways and sidewalks especially in locations where there are limited snow fall of less than 6 inches.  The Yard Machines Snow Fox helps you to create a clear path you can always use when clearing snow. Oftentimes, many people suffer a lot when they clear snow with shovels and other equipments. You might suffer waist   pain and muscle strain when you use ordinary equipments. However, with the Electric snow thrower, you job becomes very easy. All you need is to press the right button and launch the machine to work. Click here to buy from Amazon at a 49% Discount Now!

The yard machines electric snow thrower features 8.5 amp electric engines which are also double insulated.  It has a 12.5-inch clearing width and a 6-inch intake height.  It throws snow up to 25ft.  It also has 3-position shoot control and a 2 year limited warranty.

Yard Machines Snow Fox Electric Snow Thrower Features & Specifications

  • Electric snow thrower with 8.5 amp motor
  • Throws snow up to 25 feet
  • Molded plastic housing and wheels
  • Lightweight aluminum handle and fully assembled
  • 3 position adjustable discharge direction chute
  • 12-1/2-inch clearing width
  • 6-inch intake height
  • Comes with 2-year warranty

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There are lots of advantages that come with the machine. In the first place, it’s the perfect machine for clearing small areas. The yard machines snow fox comes with a 3-position shoot control that allows for precise snow placement. You don’t need to waste time dealing with gas or oil mess since the machine runs on an efficient electric engine.

This Yard Machines snowblower is very portable and lightweight. It’s actually designed for easy handling.  It comes with a durable plastic housing stand that prevents wear and tear.  It also has sturdy 5 inch wheels that make the blower very easy to handle.  The 31c-040-800 electric snow thrower also has an ergonomic double handle for easy handling when used in compact areas.

For the convenience of the user, the Electric Snow Thrower comes fully assembled   with all the accessories required. The owner’s manual is also included for the benefit of the user.

Yard Machines 31C-040-800 Snow Thrower Review

Simply put, the Yard Machines Snow Fox snow thrower is very hardworking and strong. It’s also very durable. You’ll use it for years before thinking of changing it.  The product is also affordable when compared with other kinds of snow throwers. You’ll always enjoy using it at all times. You can read more reviews from other satisfied customers by also visiting Amazon. They currently have over 109 reviews from many different users so you can see just how happy people are with this Yard Machines Snow Fox Electric Snow Thrower. Click here to read more reviews on Amazon.

Really, the yard machines snowblower has been selling like a hot cake in several online shopping malls.  Several customers have purchased it from Amazon.  There at Amazon, it has attracted 109 customer reviews.  It also has 3.9 out of 5 stars from the reviews. Lots of positive comments have been made concerning the machine. One reviewer said it’s a great intermediate step between snow blower and shovel.  Another reviewer also said that the machine works pretty well.  One negative   comment made on the product came from one reviewer. He said the machine is nice but not meant for everyone’s use.

In any case, the Yard Machines Snow Fox 31C-040-800 12.5-Inch 8.5 Amp Electric Snow Thrower is indeed a very efficient machine. It’s highly recommended for clearing snow off compact areas. Go for it today and save $89 for a limited time only!

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Customer Reviews

Gary November 29th, 2011 (#)

Purchased through Amazon several seasons ago. Pretty much meets the manufacturer’s claims regarding performance. Gave it away when we left snow country. Our needs are different now that we’re back in snow country, so I purchased a Toro 1800 Power Curve. Several observations on the Snow Fox:

-Throws snow a HUGE distance when blowing straight ahead. However, will barely move snow out of the way when discharging to left or right.

-Light and maneuverable, handles make it easy to pick-up to clear steps and such

-Like all throwers where the scraper is designed to always contact the ground, this model does not like uneven surfaces such as tilted concrete slabs or gravel. It will catch on the edges and stop moving forward or the impeller will strike the ground.

-Managed to crack the impeller by striking a stone or something and jamming it against the housing. Crack did not reduce performance and made machine look more menacing.

-Unit shipped fully assembled. Plusses and minuses here … sure you don’t have to put it together, but the carton is huge and light and poorly braced inside. My carton arrived crushed. Handles on thrower were bent, but straightened easily when I took ’em across my knee.

-Hangs on the pegboard nicely out of the way.

-Due to resistance losses you are limited to 150 feet of power cord length.

Finally, remember the old adage … ‘When all else fails, read the instructions’

M. Hall December 2nd, 2011 (#)

I have a short driveway and about 60 feet of sidewalk, so i couldn’t justify spending $600 or more on a gas-driven beast of a snowblower.

I got this machine after our first snow in late December. Since the east coast has been hogging all the snow this winter, I hadn’t had a chance to use it here in South Dakota (usually the harsh winter capital of the nation) until mid-February. Now that I have, though, I’m very pleased.

As mentioned by others, throwing snow to the side only moves it about six feet. This worked fine for my sidewalks (the 12-inch cut let me get the whole sidewalk in three furrows, which took about five minutes).

A pointer for anyone clearing a small amount of snow: I worked out a decent system for the driveway where i start down the middle and throw snow a few feet to each side as I work my way to the edges. By the time I get to the edges, I’m throwing the accumulated pile off onto the grass. This clears the driveway rather well, though obviously it wouldn’t be as useful in 20 to 30 inches of snow as some other people have seen this winter.

Power cord management is the only real downside to this device. I find myself spending a pretty good amount of time tossing the cord out of my way as i go and down the driveway. It’s a minor annoyance that i still hope to find a solution for.

In all, i can now clear my drive and sidewalk in 20 minutes or so rather than the 45 to 60 minutes it took me by shovel. it also fits neatly in my crowded garage. A great little product.

B. Dillree December 29th, 2011 (#)

I just cleared 14″ of snow off my driveway and used nothing but this machine. It is fabulous. I know the manual says it can handle up to 6″ of snow but believe me this thing handled this last snowstorm without any trouble. Granted I only took 1/2 swaths but still it handled it beautifully. It even handled the stuff that got plowed into the end of my driveway from the road.

This Snowfox really does shoot the snow at least 25 feet except when you have the chute turned left or right, then it shoots about 5-8′ tops.

Maureen January 5th, 2012 (#)

I herniated a disc in my back last year and have had major trouble shoveling snow ever since. I can’t navigate or wanted to pay for a huge snowblower and deal with all the maintenance.

This machine is fabulous!!! Also, a snow plow company wanted $60 PER PLOW to clear my drive. This little trooper pays for itself if you look at how much my winter plows would’ve cost. We get a lot of snow in the northwest Chicago burbs.

I cleared my LOOOONG driveway in about 30 minutes pushing it around like a vacuum cleaner. There were 2-4 inches of what I call good packing/snowball snow and it worked like a champ. It actually worked better with the deeper snow throwing it farther than the more shallow areas.

The best way to use it on a driveway is to keep the blades facing forward and push it so as to make a “V” pattern while keeping the Snow Fox in the center of the drive and angling left and right alternately. I hope that makes sense.

The only drawback I have found is that it is rather low. I’m a 5’9 female and had to bend over just a teensy bit to pull it backwards. Pushing it forward was the correct height.

It’s light, not too loud, and works like a charm. Ignore the negative reviews. They must not be using it properly! 🙂

Freewilled February 12th, 2012 (#)

As a single woman with a corner lot, I just used this machine today and was very pleased.

Granted I only used it to clear about 2 inches of snow, but where it would normally take me well over an hour to clear the entire corner sidewalks, plus two car driveway, plus walk to the front door, etc. it took me about 25 minutes.

It’s kind of like an electric shovel, only you don’t have to push really hard, or bother lifting all of the snow out of the way. I’ve always used a manual shovel, so this machine was really helpful to me.

Nina Osier February 25th, 2012 (#)

I bought this to use on my deck, which tends to collect huge drifts in our major Maine winter storms. I didn’t want a big, gas-powered snowthrower; I’ve owned one before, and decided I’d much rather pay a neighbor to plow the driveway. I just wanted something to save my back from having to move the same snow three times or more, in order to get it all the way from the part of the deck nearest the house’s exterior wall onto the ground.

As I expected, having used a big snowthrower in the past, this little fellow will handle a drift only in increments. That’s fine. I can either go out and clear it once for every four-inch installment of snowfall, or I can take off the whole drift by doing it in layers. If it clogs, I just hold it up (in one hand, it’s so light!) and tap it against the deck. Out comes the clog, and I’m back in business.

The ability to change the throw direction, using a chute just like on a big machine, makes this far superior to a so-called power shovel. I need the wheels. I cannot hold a power shovel up the requisite couple of inches; even though the unit may be light enough to carry, holding anything suspended that way absolutely kills my back.

The SnowFox is just what I needed. Using it is even (sort of) fun!

Stan M. Kaplan March 13th, 2012 (#)

Rare instance of a product that performs better than advertised. I used it in a 6 to 8 inch snowfall and it worked well.

For the heaviest snow (beyond nominal capacity), it works best if you take a half-width cut or tilt it up so you are taking the top part of the snow first.

It also works best in heavy snow when you blow the snow out straight-ahead — it blows further and cuts best.

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